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          RXQ-35,RXQ-20 harmonic

          Product ID:DR-XXQ-015    Released in:2021-8-24    Click:286    Brand:Deng Rui Electric   【See product catalog

          RXQ-35,RXQ-20 harmonicDetails:

          Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct【RXQ-35,RXQ-20 harmonic】,And provide a variety of【RXQ-35,RXQ-20 harmonic】Images, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui【RXQ-35,RXQ-20 harmonic】High quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

          RXQ-35,RXQ-20 a harmonic device is installed in the 20~35kVPT of primary windings Y0 wiring between neutral and ground high capacity non-linear components, damping and current-limiting function. That fully conform to the current standard of electric power harmonic devices DL/T620-1997 overvoltage protection and insulation coordination for AC electrical device 4th. provisions contained in section 1.5, you can play a good effect of limiting voltage
          6~35kV of electromagnetic voltage transformer in neutral point Earth free power system (hereinafter referred to as PT) there are two related issues need to be addressed: a. PT ferroresonance overvoltage insulation outside equipment breakdown, discharge and often less time or accident caused by the expansion of a large area blackout; b. arc PT frequently burnt in the grid.
          Using RXQ-35,RXQ-20 once Xiao harmonic device can effective to solution above problem: 1, and elimination or damping PT nonlinear Lai magnetic characteristics and caused of iron magnetic resonant had voltage, this resonant had voltage will led to system phase voltage not stability; 2, and can effective to inhibition gap sexual arc grounding Shi flows through PT winding of had current, prevent PT of burned; 3, and limit system single phase to disappeared Shi in PT once winding circuit in the produced of inrush current, this inrush current will damaged PT or make PT melt silk fuse; 4, and Occurs when the system single-phase Earth protection long after PT from damage. When the bus unloaded or outlet of electromagnetic voltage transformer is small, charge or at run time by closing ground fault elimination of causes of firing, PT oversaturated, ferromagnetic resonance overvoltage may occur. Appears relatively unstable voltage, grounding instructions malfunction, PT high-voltage fuse and other anomalies, severe cases can result in PT burn, which led to the emergency.
          RXQ-35,RXQ-20 the main characteristics of a harmonic device: 1. A harmonic device used in all RXQ-35,RXQ-20 made of special alloy, single chip Chase flow nonlinear components, eliminating harmonic of the original parallel structure with multiple pieces of equipment in the uneven flow phenomenon, the performance is more stable. 2.PT high-voltage fuse is generally 0.5A, which when burned may cause the PT in neutral non-earthing and other accidents. Due to the use of better materials and production process, RXQ-35,RXQ-20 a harmonic series harmonic device flow capacity of up to 500mA. 3. RXQ-35,RXQ-20 a harmonic series resonance device provided for semi-insulating PT special semi-insulating harmonic devices (type b), can effectively limit voltage resonance device, thereby protecting insulated neutral point. 4. size ultra small RXQ-35,RXQ-20 a harmonic device, particularly suitable for PT handcart Cabinet and cabinet installation. Harmonic devices using metallic materials as a whole is directly connected, without bushing, no risk of exploding. 5. for greater harmonic voltage appears partly open-Delta voltage transformer, a harmonic RXQ-35,RXQ-20 harmonic device device can inhibit PT open triangles at each end of the harmonic voltage

          These areRXQ-35,RXQ-20 harmonicFor more information, if youRXQ-35,RXQ-20 harmonicPrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usRXQ-35,RXQ-20 harmonicThe latest information.

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